Wood Crating Services for Shipping South Chicago


Wood Crating Services for Shipping in Chicago

Craters is our first name.  We are experienced in making crates of all sorts and sizes.

We started our business about 14 years ago crating arts and antiques.  We have crated many antiques that are hundreds of years old.  Antiques need special care.  Very often the legs are not sturdy enough to support the piece while it is in transit.  We know how to take care that fragile legs do not break.

Sometimes the joints have loosened with time and the furniture needs additional support.  We make certain that the joints do not separate.  We take care of your antique as if it were our own.  Craters & Freighters understands the nature of antiques.  They are fragile and quite rare.  Some people hunt for years to find the exact piece that they remember from their grandparent’s house.  When they find it, they want it treated with the care that they would use.   Craters & Freighters is just the company who will crate your antique for maximum protection.

Craters & Freighters can crate your antique, artwork, and family possessions. We also crate huge machines and small highly fragile medical and IT equipment.

Artwork also needs protection when it is moved.  Over the years, we have crated millions of dollars worth of art.  Each piece is handled carefully.  Many pieces of art are one of a kind.  Whether you are shipping a million dollar original or a portrait of your family, Craters & Freighters handles it like it is our own.  We crate artwork and antiques so well, that our insurance company will fully insure them against damage.

Craters & Freighters can crate whatever you need to ship.  Just call us at 877 278 6378.


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