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Check out this wonderful testimonial from one of our recent customers, Frank P. Stagl!

I contracted with Craters & Freighters out of Plainfield, IL, to crate and move a reproduction antique desk valued at about $8,000, for ultimate delivery in Gainesville, FL.  The desk was located in Merrillville, IN, about a two-hour drive from Plainfield.  Initially, Craters &Freighters felt that the desk was outside of their AOR, and advised me to contact another mover.  The next day, however, Randy called me and told me he would make an exception, due to my need for a professional crating.  He personally drove the two hours, and arrived at my 92 year-old mother’s house.  He carefully unpacked the drawers of the desk and loaded the desk into his truck.

Here what I find so impressive:

1.  The crating could not have been any better!  The desk was first padded, then a thick cardboard layer, then Styrofoam.  The crate was a perfect fit for the desk with all the layers, and was solid wood.  I think this crate could have fallen from the roof of a building and still protect the desk.

2.  I guessed at the desk’s size and weight, and Randy gave me an estimate based on this guess.  The actual desk was really larger and much heavier than I estimated, but Randy stuck by his original price!

3.  The fact that they actually took on the job, even though the desk was two hours away!

4.  The local delivery agent, Estes Express Lines, was also fabulous.  The driver arrived with a lift-gate semi-trailer, carefully off loaded the crated desk, and actually helped me get the crate onto my porch, out of the elements.

5.  The courteousness and helpfulness of all involved was totally unexpected, and almost overwhelming.

Thank you, Craters & Freighters!

Frank P. Stagl


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